IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022

IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022 | Buy On Amazon

  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine:
  • Best wash quality, energy, and water-efficient
  • Capacity 6 kg: Suitable for bachelors & couples
  • Energy rating: 5 star – best in class efficiency
  • Warranty: tri-shield protection: 4 years complete machine warranty, 10 years motor warranty,10 years spare part support
  • 800 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • Wash programs: 8 wash programs
  • Drum / Pulsator type: crescent moon drum
  • Key features: Tub clean, 2D wash technology, express wash
  • Special features: 2d wash system, aqua energy, tub clean, laundry add option, child lock
  • IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022


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IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022 | Buy On Amazon

Indian Fine Blanks Limited is an Indian firm that caters to the requirements of appliances for homes as well as motor vehicles and the fine blanking industries. IFB began in 1974, in partnership with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. IFB’s Home Appliances division has the responsibility for the manufacture of various household appliances, such as washing machines. Read More…

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The Diva Aqua SX is their solution to the 6kg front-loading fully automated wash machine. In this review, we’ll review their design and their performance.

The main description of Key specifications of Diva Aqua SX Washing Machine

The Diva Aqua SX has a capacity of 6kg, with a maximal speed of around 800RPM. This is sufficient for a small family. The washer has an electric heater that is auto-programmed, meaning that it isn’t possible to control the temperature. A wide range of embedded programs will ensure that you have a smooth and easy life.

The front-loading machine has a 32cm wide door and is fully automated. The washing machine will make your life much simpler. The machine is also equipped with extra features that increase its appeal to the person using it. Drums of the crescent moon aqua-energy, the 2D wash system, and ball valve technology increase the efficiency of the washing machine.

The aqua energy comes with a filtration process that makes certain that there aren’t any more detergent lumps that can cause limescale. With a small size of 60x51x85, this washing machine can be placed under the kitchen cabinet, but it is well-known for its ability to create sound and vibration.

Child lock as well as a Foam detection and control system, Unbalance Correction Auto-restart, and Self Diagnosis are additional features that make it stand out from other models.

  • SKU: Diva Aqua SX
  • Load Type: Front Loading
  • Automatic: Fully Automatic
  • Capacity (kg): 6 kg
  • Machine Weight (kgs): 62 kg
  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 60x51x85 cm
  • Max Spin Cycle-major: 800 rpm
  • Noise Level: This can be loud at times.
  • Unique Aspects: Crescent Moon Drum
  • Ball Valve Technology
  • Aqua-Energy
  • Warranty: Four years of warranty for the washing machine, and 10 years spare support
  • Accessories include: User instruction manual, Warranty information Connection Pipe

Unique features IFB Washing Machine Front Load

To make sure the Diva Aqua SX stands out from the rest, IFB snuck into some exclusive features. The special features are only available to IFB and help make the washing experience smoother. Read more about IFB Washing Machine Front Load.

Crescent Moon Drum:- The drum is smooth with a crescent moon-shaped groove that ensures a smoother washing experience while being gentle on fabric.

Ball Valve Technology:- This valve was made to hold the soap within while letting water escape to save you money over long durations.

Aqua-Energy:- Aqua-Energy is one of the most significant features they offer. magnets break down pieces of detergent, allowing it completely dissolves. Separating the calcium ions within the lumps with the help of the magnet can help do this.

Ease of Set-Up

IFB is well-known for providing top-quality customer service. it is not necessary to worry about installing as they’ll take care of this for you. Within 3 days of receiving the item, they will set it up for you.

Based on the site where you bought the product, for example, Amazon.in as well as Flipkart or the official IFB website They will ensure that the installation and demonstration are completed in a professional manner.

All you require is power and access to a tap earthing, and drainage to prevent electrocution. Because the washer is not equipped complete with accessories IFB personally will invoice the user for filters, cleaning solutions, etc.

Design Of IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022

There is nothing modern about the style, the sleek and simple body with silver hue blends into surroundings effortlessly. The subtle style makes it easy to be hidden away in a place that is not noticed.

The door, along with the control panel form the front part of the washer. Side profiles are decent as is the body, which is made of steel to make it durable and strong. The control panel does not have the display panel but can make up for it by providing a status bar program wheel and other buttons that perform additional functions.

Washing Mechanism

The Diva Aqua SX comes with two-dimensional wash technology, Aqua-Energy with crescent-shaped grooves in the drum, and the ball valve to enhance washing performance.

The 2D wash system guarantees that clothes are properly rinsed, and Aqua-Energy features guarantee the proper dissolution of detergents in order to prevent lumps. The grooves in the shape of crescents on the drum offer a thorough but gentle wash for the clothing, which provides the greatest protection.

Ball valves increase the efficiency of resources by reducing amounts of soap emitted as water is expelled. These features guarantee class-leading efficiency and huge savings on power and resources, which can be a long-term benefit for everyone.


The fully automated, 6kg Diva Aqua SX can wash up to 5-6 pairs of clothes based upon their mass. If you’re wearing jeans or two, you can cut the total amount of clothing to 4-5. Such a capacity is usually required by a smaller family with 4 members. The washing machine operates at an average speed of 800RPM, so the process of drying and cleaning is more efficient.

The front-loading mechanism facilitates the drying and washing processes, with greater automation and resource conservation. A crescent moon drum will ensure the cleanliness of your clothes, without causing harm to clothes. The ball valve as well as the aqua-energy features ensure that the efficiency of the resource is optimal at any time. The washing machine is equipped with over 15 different programs, making your daily life much simpler.

The steel drum and the 2D wash system enhance the washing and rinsing process. The washing machine is also able to accept laundry when a washing cycle is in progress which will save you time and energy.

Energy Consumption & Efficiency

Diva Aqua SX had received 5 stars from BEE making it very efficient. It has 0.534kWh energy consumption, it is of the top energy-efficient washing machines. The use of water is also much less at 9L per cycle which makes it more efficient and cost-effective over the long haul.

Repairs and Warranty

IFB offers excellent customer support and will even do repairs for you by phone. However, if the issue is not that big, like blocked pipes, the instructions guide, and other tutorials will ensure that you are able to solve the issue quickly.

If the issue is more significant, it is best to consider getting help. Contact IFB by dialing 1860 208 5678 or 1860 425 5678. In terms of warranty, IFB provides a 4-year guarantee for the washing machine as well as the motor, and a 10-year warranty for spare parts, making it an ideal choice for your needs.

Why We Like IFB Washing Machine Front Load India 2022

IFB has included many features in its Diva Aqua SX making it one of the best in its class.

It’s fully automatic, with a capacity of 6kg and a front-loading mechanism to ensure an effortless handling experience.

IFB has also added a Child Lock, Child Lock Control and detection of foam, unbalance correction Auto-restart, self-diagnosis, and 2D wash to enhance the efficiency and security. So, this concludes our topic for IFB Washing Machine Front Load.