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Why buy a fully automatic washing machine?

  • Wobble innovation: Prevent garments from getting messed up and harmed.
  • Affordable & convenient: It doesn’t require any manual intervention and everything can be done at the push of a button.
  • Energy efficient: washing machine’s highly energy efficient & certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) with its highest “5 star” rating*
  • Auto-back up: Auto back up memory allows continuous wash sequence even after a power cut. 
  • Various modes: Wash any type of clothes with 10-15 programmable wash sequences.

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Product of the Month

Inverter wobble technology Fully-Automatic Washing Machine India 2022

  • Durable & powerful digital inverter technology. 
  • Enjoy great energy efficiency, less noise and a long lasting performance.  
  • Capacity: 9 KG
  • Wobble technology stop clothes from getting tangled up and damaged.  
  • Creates powerful water vortex to dissolve detergent.
  • Special Features: child lock, deep softner, diamond drum, intensive wash, magic dispenser, magic filter.
  • 9 wash programs
  • Quick wash program for lightly soiled clothes, perfect for busy life.
  • Warranty: 3 years on product, 12 years on motor.
  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine India 2022


Most frequent questions and answers

LG is really a world-class brand, especially in this segment because every housewife, Mother prefers this brand for washing machines. LG is also the most desired brand of 2021 in washing machine segment. 

The only disadvantage is fully automatic machines required continuous water supply and a decent water pressure as well for working properly, So if you live in a water crisis area then only it will affect you. Other than that there is no such disadvantage.

You don’t have to do anything during its wash cycle, everything is already programmed. and all you have to do is to select your wash program according to your soiled clothes, and it will take care of everything. 

Fully automatic washing machine are really good in terms of affordability and ease of use. Even a child can operate it, just need to put clothes in it and select your desired wash program and you are good to go. 

IFB is doing really good in the washing machine segment and that’s why we have also included one in our list above. But LG has acquired trust of customers and because of LG’s great service in pan India, people tend to choose LG over IFB. 

Our recommendation is  “Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine India 2022“. It’s the best fully automatic washing machine with 4.4 star ratings and more than 14 thousand reviews on amazon. This washing machine can save up to 40% of your electricity bill. 

It completely depends upon your choice. Both have there pros and cons. If you are going for fully automatic than there is some benefits you will get in top loading. For instance, you can add clothes in between wash cycles which in not possible in front loader but front loaders are more energy efficient and consume less water.   

Inverter washing machines are the best in terms of affordability and energy efficiency. They can reduce your electricity bill up to 40%. They are very powerful and gentle on your clothes simultaneously. Inverter washing machine have lot of features and 10-15 wash programs.

It completely depend upon your requirement and usage. If you are a bachelor than a 6.5 to 7 kg washing machine is great. Moreover if you have a nuclear family of 3-4 people than 9 kg fully automatic is good to go. Our recommendation isInverter wobble technology 9 kg fully automatic washing machine” 

If you have a small family of 2 then 6.5-7 kg is good to go, on the other hand if you have 3-4 people in family than you have to go for 8.5 to 9 Kg fully automatic washing machine. Our recommendation is “inverter technology fully automatic 9 kg washing machine” 


In this blog, we’ve shared the best washing machine including fully automatic washing machines. So, you can easily choose which would be best for you. We always share the best information as much as we can. Even it is our responsibility to share the authentic information with you.

We know you have a lot of questions regarding washing machines. We know that before buying any electrical appliance there are soo many questions that come to your mind. That is why we’ve included FAQ section. This will definitely help you to buy the best your best machine.

We also shared only the top brands which are doing the best in their segment. So, that would be easier to take any decision. That is why we’ve shared the best leading brands. As they are offering the best technology in this segment. Which nobody is offering. That is why you should definitely consider these products. 

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