IoT Technology Split AC India 2022

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  • Capacity: 1.5-ton split AC
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Dehumidification with silent operation
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor
  • Voice-controlled technology, compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • User-friendly Smart Wi-Fi app
  • Budget control management
  • Time scheduler
  • Remote access to AC controls S
  • Smart Wi-Fi (IoT technology)
  • Brushless DC motor for better energy efficiency
  • IoT Technology Split AC India 2022


4.2/5 - (5 votes)

IoT Technology Split AC India 2022

Blue Star smart split air conditioner is 5 stars rated with dates inverter offers a more cool and luxurious experience. It provides maximum energy saving with fast cooling. It has a built-in feature of voice control with Wi-Fi connectivity. Due to this smart feature, it can be controlled using Amazon Alexa based on IoT technology. It’s a next-generation smart air conditioner with more innovative features.

More Smart IoT Technology Split ACs India 2022

Blue Star offers smart connectivity to connect multiple Blue Star ACs in your home and build an ecosystem. You can also control it using a remote for basic functions. Blue Star is an Indian multinational company. Producing smart IoT Technology Split AC for home use and large industrial cooling systems. It is one of the most trusted brands in India since 1943.  It provides a complete package of all necessary features which make your summer cooler.

Blue Star is the most considered brand. Certainly, if you are looking for a great cooling experience with low noise and an air purification system. It is the highest-selling air conditioner in the domestic market as well as household in the country. With its affordable price and amazing features, it is the first choice of the customers.

Key Features of IoT Technology Split AC India 2022

  • Dual User setting preference: – Allows two users to personalize the AC settings at home. Thereby ensuring the desired cooling experience for everybody.
  • Climate Control: – Instantly sets the most desirable cooling mode for different types of climate.
  • Powerful Mode: – Wait no longer to enjoy the cool ambiance of your surroundings. That helps you relax by obtaining the setting temperature quickly.
  • Dynamic Drive Design: – It has Dynamic Drive Technology, a unique engineering design that ensures the Air Conditioner achieves a high energy efficiency. It has a 5.41 ISEER that gives a superior cooling performance.
  • Super Energy Efficient 5.41 ISEER: – It is equipped with Dynamic Drive design resulting in Super energy efficiency of ISEER 5.41.
  • Precision Cooling Technology: – It has unique fuzzy logic and ultra-wide frequency microprocessor-based controller. Using this the Air Conditioner intelligently varies the operating frequency and ensures precise control (+/-0.5 degree Celsius). It prevents indoor room temperature variations, ensuring a comfortable cooling experience.
  • Quiet operation: – The technology offers a specially designed acoustic jacket that eliminates loud noise and vibrations, making outdoor operation quieter.
  • High Cooling Performance (HCP): – Specially designed to deliver powerful cooling especially during extreme summers with minimum derating.

Why choose Smart IoT Technology Split AC India 2022?

Blue Star is an Indian Multinational company that designs and manufactures air conditioning systems. Moreover, ranges from household products to the industrial-technological system. Above all, it has enlisted its name in one of the country’s most trusted and affordable conditioner providers.

This brand has always come up with new innovative features that make its ACs the best in the market. For instance, IoT Technology Split AC is one such product. Equipped with several new and interesting features. Let’s see in detail below.

Blue Star is the first choice for an air conditioner as it offers the lowest noise operation system with efficient cooling. Moreover, they also provide a good air purification system. For instance, you will get two amazing features in one product. IoT Technology Split AC India 2022 has got unique dynamic drive technology. That makes more power saving with ultimate cooling.

It ensures to provide a wide cooling range during extreme summers. In short, makes you fully comfortable with the silent process. This AC is more than any normal one and has been rated as 5+ star. That means it is superior and premium in its work.

All these features make  IoT Technology Split AC best for you this season that will make relax and cool. It has also solved the greatest issues of summers. Therefore, it doesn’t make you wait for long minutes to get your room cool. It quickly cools the room providing an instant cooling feature with perfect climate control.

What do customers say?

Fast delivery in 26 hours, quick installation on the same day. Nice work is done by the Blue star team. Moreover, the performance will be seen in summer. Fan speed is awesome. A lot of features in the remote. Overall, a good product. (Deepak Kumar)

Delivery was too fast with a nice installation. It has amazing cooling and comes with great packing. Meanwhile, cools 160 sq ft room in 5 mins in 24 degrees. looks good. It will make you go cool in 10 mins. However, the outdoor unit bit noisy. Remote has many features. Blue star ac too good for cooling. Go for it. Good deal. Recommended( pooja Agarwal)

Amazing experience with the air conditioner. Superfast cooling and functions and so latest. Cooling superb with good function. I will give 5 stars for all. (Neha Awana)

Amazing with this cost. The cooling is very high but looks some big. But I was disappointed with the installation boy. Because he didn’t install the Outdoor unit where I told him. However, he installed using the stand for his convenience to went for back eagerly. (Shyam Shrivastav)

Cooling is great, it’s ergonomic. For example, features are quite more in number. Above all, it sets the temperature quite high and great. In addition, this product is the best wifi air conditioner that truly saves electricity costs. (Amit Gangwar)

If you are looking for the best smart comfort AC that is also globally recognized. Then blue star is the only option in the market. (Anjana Halder)

Excellent performance even at hardcore summertime. Certainly, the best smart inverter AC.  Nice cooling event at 24 degrees C. Highly recommended instead of any other brand. Meanwhile, super nic cooling and save energy (kashish)

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