Most Reliable Side by Side Refrigerator Offer

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Why buy most reliable side by side refrigerator?

  • Frost Free Refrigerator: Side by side Premium refrigerator have auto defrost function which prevents ice build up.
  • Large capacity: more than 500L capacity ensure few supermarket visits.
  • Energy efficient: big size doesn’t mean big electricity bill. Moreover there’s not much increase in electric bills.
  • Dedicated freezer: 1 whole side is dedicatedly for freezer, so you never run out of freezer space. 
  • Water dispenser: most side by side refrigerators comes with inbuilt water dispenser.

Bestselling Most Reliable Side by Side Refrigerators

Product of the Month

668 L InstaView Door-in-Door Wi-Fi Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator

  • Inverter linear compressor saves up to 51% on electricity bills.
  • Instaview door-in-door allows you to see through glass panel with just 2 knocks.
  • Capacity: 668 Ltr
  • Moist N fresh technology maintains the moisture at optimal level. Great for fruits & vegetables.
  • Non plumbed water & ice dispenser, no need to replace water filter.
  • Special Features: Instaview door-in door, water & ice dispenser, multi air flow, hygienic fresh.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.
  • Smart Thinq: connect your refrigerator to your smartphone.
  • Multi air flow cooling cools every corner of refrigerator.
  • Most reliable side by side refrigerator India 2022.


Most frequent questions and answers

Amazon basics 564 L”  is one among the best side by side refrigerator and the best part is its the most affordable in this segment. Not only that it also got maximum number of reviews and got 4.4 stars. 

If your family is big and you always try to accommodate food and leftovers in your single door fridge. If you always need more space in your freezer for chilled item, than side by side door refrigerator is all what you need.

Easily between 10-12 years and if you take good care of your refrigerator than it can lasts for almost 20 years. Making it the most reliable side by side refrigerators.

Once again LG is the only brand that makes the most reliable refrigerators. Not only this LG also won the heart of customers in 2021, making it the most desired brand of 2021. Our recommendation is “LG frost free side by side refrigerator

LG is the only brand that has the max amount of trust in between customers. Moreover if you look closely in your home you will find you already have a home appliance from LG. In short be it any home appliance LG rules the market. Our recommendation is “LG frost free side by side refrigerator

LG has the least number of problems and even if you got any by chance than you already know how good LG use to deliver after sale services. That’s why LG makes the most reliable side by side refrigerators. Our recommendation is “LG frost free side by side refrigerator

LG was the most reliable refrigerator brand of 2021. LG is the most desired brand of 2021. No doubt why the customers trust LG so much in terms of refrigerators.

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Cloudtail India makes the amazon basics refrigerators, and you will be amazed to know that it’s the bestselling refrigerator in the side by side door segment. It has got maximum number of ratings and reviews. Amazon basics 564 L

On an average a side-by-side refrigerator uses about 630 kWh


We hope we were able to provide you with an excellent comparison of the most reliable side by side refrigerator models. That you can consider buying for yourself. We also hope that this guide was able to provide you with transparency. In terms of getting to know the specifications of each model. Thank you for taking the time and going through the entire article. We hope you are able to find a side by side door fridge perfect for your use.

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