Air Conditioner Buying Guide India 2022

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Air Conditioner Buying Guide India 2022

Buying an AC was never been so easy. Therefore we have come up with the best AC buying guide to help you out get a perfect air conditioner this summer season. We have listed some of the most important factors which confuse you during buying an air conditioner.

Window vs Split AC

Selecting between the window and split AC is quite confusing. Here are a few parameters you must notice to help you out between them:

  1. Power Savings: Split ACs are much better in power saving due to the new inverter technology that maximises efficiency. Whereas Window AC doesn’t have a built-in inverter and therefore they are unable to offer great power savings.
  2. Cooling: Split ACs contains wide airflow technique that blows air to much distance and in all directions. Whereas window AC lacks here as they cant blow air in all direction with much power. However, if you getting an AC for a smaller room, window AC will be a better option.
  3. Noise Levels: As split, AC contains separate unit and condenser and compressor is outside therefore the noise level is very low. Also now they are equipped with super silent or sleep operation that works super great with very low noise. On the other hand window, AC contains all the parts in one system therefore the noise level is a bit high.
  4. Installation: Window AC is easy to install if you have window space in your room. But these AC would not work if there is no window space. Here split ACs works well. But installing a split AC is much costly as is requires drilling and wiring arrangement and renovation of the room.

Room Size

Room size is an important factor that decides the better cooling of the room. So what is the perfect capacity of the air conditioners according to the room size?

Room SizeAC CapacityBest Suitable For
Small Rooms (Up to 120 sq. ft)Up to 1.2 ton ACsstudy rooms, small bedrooms
Mid Size Rooms (Up to 121- 179 sq. ft)1.2 -1.7 ton ACsbigger bedrooms
Large Rooms (180 sq. ft and above)1.8 ton and above ACsbig living rooms

An air conditioner works perfectly well with proper capacity and the best room size. However, there are a few more factors that need to be taken care of while deciding on an AC.

  • If the room has many windows or large size windows. Then the AC should be of high capacity as the temperature of the room will be more.
  • Whether you AC is facing south or west.
  • The normal temperature of the room is above 40 degrees C. Therefore an AC of high capacity will work much better.
  • On which floor your house is. Whether it’s on the top floor or above the 3rd floor.

Energy Star Rating

It’s one of the most important factors you need to observe while buying an air conditioner. Energy Star Ratings shows how will your AC perform in power saving or energy efficiency.

ACS with more star ratings are slightly costlier initially but will save your electricity bills in the long run. The more the ratings the higher will be efficiency. Power saving also depends on the compressor material used. Like aluminum coils are less energy-efficient than copper coils. That is why now most of the ACs use copper coils.

The table below shows the approximate calculation of power consumption for 1.5ton AC. These calculations may vary for ACs with higher capacity and ratings.

StarISEER RatingPower Units Consumption
(for 16 hrs usage)
(@ Rs 6/unit)
Yearly Savings (vs 3 Star)% Savings (vs 3 Star)
(Entry Level)
(Entry Level)

(Electricity cost is taken as Rs. 6/unit. Please check according to the rates in your particular location)

The below table shows the approximate savings you can make with your split AC of star ratings of 3 or more. The values are on the basis of 1.5 ton Voltas AC. Also, note that non-inverter ACs do not come in 4 and 5-star ratings.

TypeEnergy Star RatingAnnual Energy Consumption units (Approx)Annual Electricity Cost (in Rs.)Annual Savings (in Rs.)
Non-Inverter3 Star11306780
Inverter3 Star10356210570
Inverter4 Star9805880900
Inverter5 Star88052801500

Aluminium or Copper Coil?

During summers AC is a super-required gadget and it saves you from the extreme heat and struggle. But running AC for the whole day also makes your pocket suffer. It’s due to the factor that air conditioners use aluminum coils that makes that increases the power consumption. So how can you solve this issue? There is a long conversation between opting for the right coil AC – aluminum or copper coil. Let’s quickly see which coil performs better.

Cooling speed: Copper coils allow a better flow of heat and also cool faster than aluminum coils. Whereas aluminum coils take a longer time to get cool and maintain better heat transfer.

Corrosion Resistant: Copper coils are the best when it comes to corrosion. They are very tough towards corrosion i.e. do not corrodes easily and also are very easy to clean. Whereas aluminum coils get corroded easily.

Cost: Aluminium coils are cheaper than copper coils but copper helps in the long run. They might cost you higher initially but later on, they will save you from unnecessary charges during servicing.

Repair: As discussed in the above point aluminum coils are difficult to repair and mostly need a replacement.Whereas copper coils can be repaired easily. This saves extra money spending on getting coils replaced.

Durability: Copper coils are more durable and strong than aluminum coils.

Inverter or Non-Inverter

Now almost all the split ACs are equipped with inverter technology. Inverter ACs have a variable speed of the compressor that adjusts the speed of the AC according to the requirement and power supply. Therefore this saves energy and provides a long life to the AC. This has a lot of benefits in several ways. Let’s see which performs better – Inverter or Non-Inverter?

  • In terms of cooling technology and compressor type, inverter ACs has a variable speed compressor that adjusts the power depending on the heat load. Whereas in Non-Inverter compressor is either on or off.

  • Price of inverter ACs is higher than Non-Inverter ACs. This adds an advantage to Non-Inverter ACs in terms of buying price.

  • Inverter AC has better cooling speed and cools the room much faster than Non-Inverter ACs. Inverter ACs comes with fast cooling feature that ensures that your room gets cooled within a few minutes.

  • As far as the noise level is concerned inverter ACs are much quieter than Non-Inverter ACs. In Non-Inverter ACs the compressor is switched on and off frequently which increases the noise level.

  • Life of compressor is more in inverter ACs than in Non-Inverter ACs. It’s because of the continuous shutdown and off in Non-Inverter air conditioners.

  • Due to the built-in inverter feature inverter, ACs consume less energy and provides maximum saving on your electricity bills. Whereas Non-Inverter ACs are high energy consumer.

  • The best part is inverter AC doesn’t require an external stabilizer for a certain voltage range. Which will save your approx 1500 to 2000 INR on buying an extra stabilizer. However, if there is extreme voltage fluctuation then you will need an eternal stabilizer. On the other hand, Non-Inverter ACs will always require an external stabilizer.

Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioner

  1. Long-Lasting
  2. Consistent Cooling
  3. Reduced Electricity Bills

Special Features

Smart ACs

iot compatible best air conditioners

Smart ACs are the most in-demand air conditioners as they contain wi-fi features as well as can take voice commands. The best part is the IoT feature helps you to operate it from anywhere even from outside the house. So when you reach home you will get a cool room. Although they can cost you higher the features are worth buying.

ACs with adjustable capacity

Top Convertible ACs with Inbuilt Stabilizer Operation India 2021

Convertible ACs have a different cooling mode that runs with adjustable capacity depending on the ambient weather conditions.

ACs that cool at 52 degree C

These ACs provide better and more efficient cooling even at a high temperature of 52 degrees C. This makes the hot and irritating summers into cool and relaxing ones.

ACs with antibacterial coating

Best Air Purification ACs with Superfast Cooling

Antibacterial or air purification ACs contain anti-dust and anti-bacterial filters that keep the air pollutants away and provide clean air.

Hot and Cold ACs

Evergreen Weather Split AC With Inbuilt Inverter India 2021

Hot and Cold ACs provide better cooling during summer, winter and monsoon. These are best as they can be operated in all seasons. These ACs are better than regular room heaters in various factors:

Energy Efficiency: BEE star ratings are available in these AC for better decision-making in different weather conditions.Whereas in-room heaters it is not known.

Savings: Hot and Cold ACs consume less power and help in saving money. Therefore it can be used in all seasons. Whereas room heaters consume high powers and can be used only in winters.

Air Filters: These ACs have primary air filters present for improving air quality. Whereas in-room heaters do not have such features.

Thermostat: Provides high flexibility in setting desired temperatures and switches off when the desired temperature is reached.

Ease of Use: As usual ACs are operated using a remote control and do not require any extra space to store in the offseason. Whereas room heaters are very heavy and also operated manually.

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